Students interested in becoming members of our unit need to send an email to Shannon Blackburn ([email protected]or ask one of your friendly Ex-Comm members to get on the unit’s email list which keeps all our members informed on upcoming meetings and events.  You can also visit the upcoming events webpage for information as it becomes posted.


  1. Semester Fee:  $5.00
  2. Opportunity to volunteer at Idaho Chapter AFS (ICAFS) Annual Meeting
  3. Encouraged to volunteer for events

Fees can be paid to the PUAFS Treasurer located in the College of Natural Resources building (CNR) 109.  Any questions regarding membership fees, please contact any of the Palouse Unit Officers.

  1. Idaho Chapter AFS membership is FREE if you are a AFS student member
  2. Gain exposure to career possibilities with different agencies
  3. Improve your resume with hands-on experience and writing skills from professionals
  4. Enhance your professional development through education and outreach
  5. Meet professionals and peers in fisheries and expand networking in the fisheries community

AFS Outside the Palouse Unit

There are several other AFS memberships we encourage you to consider joining.  In order to go to the ICAFS meeting for free, students must be national AFS members.  Being a national student AFS member would be a great asset as you develop your student career and the benefits are exceptional as well.

National AFS Member Student Fee:  $19.00 (yearly)


Student Subsection of the AFS Education Section Fee:  $2.00

Visit our links webpage for more information


There are numerous ways student members can be involved with AFS.  The website is a great information source for upcoming events, meetings, and workshops.  Pay attention to the ANNOUNCEMENT BOX on the home page of the website for opportunities to be involved.  Be sure to visit our Events webpage to plan for future events.  For general information, please feel free to contact any of our officers  or committee chairs who would be happy to help you and point you in the right direction to maximize your experience with our unit.