Elizabeth Ng

Current President Elizabeth Ng is the recipients of the 2014 Susan B. Martin Scholarship. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.37.16 AMThis scholarship is in memory of Susan B. Martin who served as the first female president of the Idaho Chapter (1986-1987) and who was also a successful scientist and natural resource manager. Over the course of her life, she had a tremendous impact on the management of natural resources and an important influence on the development of many natural resource professionals. Susan passed away at the age of 57 on September 15, 2008, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, after a two-year battle with cancer. This scholarship, which was first awarded in 2009, is intended to continue Susan’s legacy of fostering the development of fish and aquatic professionals and is awarded annually to a graduate student attending any school in Idaho. This scholarship is funded by an endowment which was created with contributions from the Martin family and the Idaho Chapter.


More about Elizabeth:

M.S. Candidate (Fishery Sciences)

Thesis title: Population dynamics of lake trout in Priest Lake, Idaho

Undergraduate education: Pamona College (B.A. Biology, 2010)

Research interests: I am interested in contributing to science-based fishery management by expanding our understanding of aquatic ecology. My current research is focused on the population dynamics and trophic ecology of nonnative lake in Priest Lake, Idaho. My goal is to use mark-recapture techniques, population models, and stable isotope analysis to help evaluate management alternatives.

Email: [email protected]

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